About Us

‘Forever better’ was always our maxim and remains so to this day. It is the guideline that is an integral part of the company philosophy and influences everyday product and business policy.

Technology You Can Trust
Whoever is operating your machine, with Miele you will always get the best results, thanks to user interfaces which are set up to be easy to use. We think about the details so that you don’t have to, when you buy a machine from Miele Professional it will be set up to ensure you have easy access to the programmes that will perform for you – so if you’re always washing tablecloths and napkins then we’ll make sure you have the best programme at your fingertips.

Our History
What began on the threshold of the 20th century as a small business with just 11 employees has become a strong and successful worldwide brand. As our great-grandfathers Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann sold their very first high quality milk centrifuges, they laid the foundations for this future success.

At Miele everything we do is guided by our philosophy ‘Immer Besser’ meaning ‘Forever Better’; it was conceived more than 100 years ago by our founders as a mark of Miele’s commitment to quality and innovation, and remains as true as ever today. It is our attention to the details that makes the Miele difference.

Miele Through The Ages
1899/1900: Just one year after the company is founded, milk centrifuges and butter churns are joined on the market by the first Miele washing machine, the “Meteor”.
1907: Rapid development demands a change of location. The neighbouring town of Gütersloh offers more workers and a rail connection to the Cologne-Minden railway.
1916: A second factory is built in Bielefeld. The location is initially used for the production of centrifuge parts and electric motors.
1924: The systematic construction of a unique branch and distribution network with office premises, showrooms and storage space begins.
1929: Miele impresses with its innovations, such as the first dishwasher in Europe.
1935: By the time the sons' generation of Carl Miele jnr. and Kurt-Christian Zinkann begin working for the company the small centrifuge factory has become one of the largest companies in its sector in Germany, with over 2000 employees.
1954/1957: The grandchildren of the company’s founders, Rudolf Miele (1954) and Dr. Peter Zinkann (1957), become members of senior management.
1996: One of the legendary Miele K1 cars, dating back to 1913, is discovered in Norway. It is returned to Gütersloh and becomes a special attraction in the Miele Museum.
1999: 100 years of Miele! The company’s own high standards regarding the quality of its products lead it to the summit of the European household appliance industry where Miele is said to be the most valued brand in the German and European electronic retail markets.
2006: Miele presents its new image at the company headquarters in Gütersloh: visitors can experience the company with all their senses in the interactive exhibition world of the Miele Forum and the fully renovated museum.
Today: The philosophy of “Forever better” still applies to this day. Over 16,000 employees are working for this principle across the globe and it is an obligation that bears fruit: each year Miele receives numerous national and international prizes and awards, and occupies the top places in surveys undertaken by renowned market research institutes and international product tests.

Our Technology
It has always been our aim to develop and produce the very best domestic and commercial machines that set standards for technology, function and design. Miele products are characterised by their quality and durability, timeless design, user convenience, high energy efficiency and their gentle impact on the environment.

Proven Reliability
Numerous test victories and design prizes confirm the success of this approach, never mind the trust placed in Miele by our valued customers. We’re renowned for the build quality of our range and we rigorously endurance test all of our products during their development. When we say rigorously we really mean it, for example our laundry products are tested to run for up to 40,000 programmes.

We know that when you’re running a business you don’t want to have to worry about your washing machine breaking down or your dishwasher not delivering spotless results – that is why the quality and reliability of our products is so important to us.
Whether you’re washing dishes that need to sparkle, sheets that need to be spotless or have towels to dry to fluffy perfection, Miele products are designed with performance in mind. Investing in the best machines is also an investment in the life of the things you are cleaning – cutlery stays shiny, mop heads are preserved and textiles last longer.